Building Defect Reports

Nip building faults in the bud with a Building Defect Report

Is your home less than 6 years old and showing signs of a building defect? Maybe you’ve got a leaking shower cavity, a crack in a wall or ceiling, tree root issues or drainage problems? If so, you may be covered by the 6 year Building Warranty.

In NSW, all homes carry a statutory 6 year Warranty period starting from the time that construction was completed. The Warranty is a form of protection from substandard building practices, and covers any faulty and unsatisfactory building work that may have been undertaken by the builder.

Not all building faults can be attributed to the builder, but when certain issues arise as a result of poor construction practices, the building may be classified as below Australian Standards, and require rectification under the builder’s Warranty Insurance.

To determine whether a fault falls under Warranty, a professional Building Defect Inspection must be undertaken by a licensed Building Inspector and a Building Defect Report provided, detailing the faults.

Professional investigation and reporting

Beggs Building & Pest Inspections provides thorough Building Defect Inspections and Reports in the Upper Blue Mountains, NSW. This involves a site visit to thoroughly inspect the areas of concern, in which we assess each defect to determine if it’s a result of general wear and tear, or if it’s a problem that could be pursued under Warranty.

When the inspection is complete, we generate and email to you a detailed report using 3D software, complete with photos of the problem area, site plans, a summary of the defects detected and professional recommendations for further action or repair.

The report is a very valuable tool. If a building defect resulting from the initial construction process is revealed, it will provide you with grounds to take further steps with Fair Trading, your insurer and the various tribunals to take remedial action. If a defect is found to have arisen simply through wear and tear, you can walk away with peace of mind knowing that your home was built to the highest standards.

Early detection and early intervention

The key to successfully managing a building defect is to take action as soon as possible – Get the ball rolling before the defect turns into a major problem, and while you are still likely covered under Warranty Insurance. The sooner you get a Building Defect Inspection, the sooner you’ll have recourse to rectify the situation.

Don’t delay… get your building defect checked today. Book a Building Defect Inspection on 0418 677 665 or complete the form above to request a same-day Quick Quote now.